Current Volunteering Positions

Trainers needed to train new growers

[Unpaid position] Volunteer Position starting September 2023 

We are looking for people who are experienced in growing Native plants from seed in tube stock.

Each session is run from either your home or your local park or TreeProject Depot with a maximum of 10 growers at a time and goes for approx. 2hrs.

There is some theory:   

Importance of Hygiene

What they will get in their kit including the grower bag

How to read the instructions on the seed packet

Plus practical demonstrations with involvement from the growers:  

  • Filling tubes
  • Sowing seed
  • Watering
  • Capillary watering
  • The 2 types of transplanting
  • Thinning out

Let’s help growers learn how to grow thriving native seedlings! To apply or for further inquiries, please email our Manager, Susi Millton [email protected] or 03-9650 9477 (select Manager)

Landcare Group Outreach Ambassador

[Unpaid volunteer position] Are you a passionate environmentalist looking to make a meaningful impact on our planet’s well-being? Do you enjoy engaging with like-minded individuals and organisations dedicated to preserving our natural ecosystem? Look no further! Join our volunteering community.

About TreeProject:

TreeProject is a non-profit organisation committed to reforesting and restoring landscapes across Victoria, Australia. Since 1989 we have been combatting deforestation, enhancing biodiversity, and promoting ecological balance by planting trees, shrubs and grasses across regional Victoria. Now, we need your help to take our mission to the next level!

Volunteer Role: Landcare Group Outreach Ambassador

[Unpaid volunteer position] As a Landcare Group Outreach Ambassador, your primary responsibility will be to connect with various Landcare Groups throughout Victoria via phone calls. Your aim will be to tell them about our initiatives and inspire them to place orders for seedlings to further their reforestation and conservation efforts.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Make outgoing calls to Landcare Groups within Victoria.
  • Engage in friendly conversations, articulating the importance of reforestation and TreeProject’s contributions.
  • Ask Landcare Groups to place orders for seedlings based on their specific restoration needs.
  • Maintain accurate records of your interactions and outcomes on a spreadsheet.


  • A genuine passion for environmental conservation and reforestation.
  • Excellent communication skills and a friendly demeanour.
  • Comfortable making outbound calls and engaging in conversation.
  • Computer literacy to record findings on a spreadsheet.


  • Gain valuable experience in outreach and communication.
  • Contribute to the fight against climate change and its adverse effects.
  • A sense of fulfilment from knowing that your efforts directly contribute to a greener and healthier future.

Time Commitment:

We value your time and commitment. The volunteer position is flexible, and you can choose the hours (within office hours) that suit your schedule. However, we recommend dedicating a minimum of 4-6 hours per week.


Let’s create a thriving and sustainable environment for generations to come! To apply or for further inquiries, please email our Manager, Susi Millton via email [email protected] or 03-9650 9477 (select Manager)


Rural Tree Planting Supervisor – Volunteer

Location: Various locations within 1-2 hours’ drive from Melbourne

[Unpaid volunteer position] One of TreeProject’s main activities is tree planting. We started as a tree-planting group 33 years ago, and now our tree planting days have spread across Victoria, involving hundreds of volunteers each year. Rural plantings are on private farms, assisting landholders to revegetate their land.

Every planting day needs two supervisors to ensure that the plantings are carried out smoothly, giving the seedlings the highest chance of survival. TreeProject is looking for several key volunteers who can take on this role.

Rural planting supervisor tasks include:

  • Attend rural tree planting days during winter and spring
  • Assist the landholder in setting out the revegetation site
  • Ensure approx 20 volunteers are conducting themselves safely throughout the day
  • Induct volunteers on planting techniques and the plan of the planting day. This is to ensure seedlings are being planted correctly (roughly or incorrectly planted seedlings can have a reduced survival rate)
  • Liaise with the landholder
  • Keep the groups moving on their assigned tasks throughout the day
  • Picking up and packing up tools.

Planting sites are within 1-2 hours’ drive from Melbourne, starting at 9 am and finishing by 4 pm. Plantings are on weekends as well as weekdays.

Weekday plantings have a mix of corporate volunteers and members of the community.

Weekend plantings are generally members of the community.

TreeProject is looking for several people who have experience in tree planting, or are willing to learn, and can work independently.

Potential supervisors would attend a TreeProject induction/training session and one or two planting days with an experienced TreeProject supervisor, after which they would attend planting days independently.


Susi Millton via email [email protected] or 03-9650 9477 (select Manager)

We are looking for supervisors to start training for May plantings so get in quick!

Susi Millton

Manager TreeProject

Marketing  – Van Campaign Manager

[Unpaid volunteer position] We are looking for help to create a full marketing campaign to get us a van to deliver plants. Our mission is to revegetate Victoria and connect country and urban communities together.

Canva Creations:

Create 3-5 graphics for social media to promote a campaign to get donations for a van. Something like an animated van, videos from the committee/staff, still images.


2-3 variations of copy for social media graphics to promote donations to pay for a new van.


Email sequence of 3-4 emails to encourage people donate to above-mentioned van.

 Please email  [email protected]

Seed Administration Volunteer

  • Maintain seed inventory
  • Organise seed packing into envelopes
  • Seed envelope labelling
  • Update seed inventory with stock
  • Place orders with seed banks
  • Assist Treasurer when clarification is required regarding orders


Susi Millton via email [email protected] or 03-9650 9477 (select Manager)