Current Volunteering Positions

Communications Roles:

Volunteer Storyteller

With so many interesting people involved in TreeProject over the last 33 years, we’re looking for a great writer to capture their stories.

You’d be required to interview a range of people, from our co-founders and operations staff to volunteers who have grown our trees every year for 20-plus years.

You would then tell their story in an engaging way for our blog/newsletter. Each piece would be about 600-700 words and ideally created at a rate of one a month.

We will provide contact details for interviewees, and hope that you can work independently to prepare the content and seek approval of the final draft from each subject.

The content will then be sent to our Communications team for publication.

If this is for you, please send your details to Sally at: [email protected]



When: Volunteering positions – winter/spring
Where: Melbourne, Victoria

Rural Tree Planting Supervisor – Volunteer

Location: Various locations within 1-2 hours’ drive from Melbourne

One of TreeProject’s main activities is tree planting. We started as a tree-planting group 33 years ago, and now our tree planting days have spread across Victoria, involving hundreds of volunteers each year. Rural plantings are on private farms, assisting landholders to revegetate their land.

Every planting day needs two supervisors to ensure that the plantings are carried out smoothly, giving the seedlings the highest chance of survival. TreeProject is looking for several key volunteers who can take on this role.

Rural planting supervisor tasks include:

  • Attend rural tree planting days during winter and spring
  • Assist the landholder in setting out the revegetation site
  • Ensure approx 20 volunteers are conducting themselves safely throughout the day
  • Induct volunteers on planting techniques and the plan of the planting day. This is to ensure seedlings are being planted correctly (roughly or incorrectly planted seedlings can have a reduced survival rate)
  • Liaise with the landholder
  • Keep the groups moving on their assigned tasks throughout the day
  • Picking up and packing up tools.

Planting sites are within 1-2 hours’ drive from Melbourne, starting at 9 am and finishing by 4 pm. Plantings are on weekends as well as weekdays.

Weekday plantings have a mix of corporate volunteers and members of the community.

Weekend plantings are generally members of the community.

TreeProject is looking for several people who have experience in tree planting, or are willing to learn, and can work independently.

Potential supervisors would attend a TreeProject induction/training session and one or two planting days with an experienced TreeProject supervisor, after which they would attend planting days independently.


Susi Millton via email [email protected] or directly on 0407564317

We are looking for supervisors to start training for May plantings so get in quick!

Susi Millton

Manager TreeProject

Seed Administration Volunteer

  • Maintain seed inventory
  • Organise seed packing into envelopes
  • Seed envelope labelling
  • Update seed inventory with stock
  • Place orders with seed banks
  • Assist Treasurer when clarification is required regarding orders