Offset your carbon

TreeProject can help you meet your targets to reduce the impact of your carbon emissions.

Use the Carbon Calculator to determine how many seedlings it would take to offset your carbon emissions from travel, electricity or gas use in an environmentally beneficial way. On average, 1.4 trees absorb 1 tonne of carbon dioxide.

Carbon calculator

Car use:

Air travel:

how many return flights you have taken in the last 12 months?


If you use electricity from a renewable source then skip this section and move onto Gas. Enter the value of your electricity bills below. If you can, use your bills for the whole year if you have them, as this will cover seasonal variations. If you do not have bills for the last twelve months, you can estimate your total, for example by taking the last quarterly bill and multiplying it by four.


Total of all emissions:

Off-setting emissions:

One "tree planted" corresponds to 41m2 of oak woodland matured over a period of 100 years, as calculated by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management. 39% of the carbon is in fact stored in the woodland soil. For details, visit