Suggested Donations

All donations over $2 are tax deductible



With the end of the financial year fast approaching, take the opportunity to get in early to maximise your tax benefits. Your donations have a significant impact on the environment.  Give and get back this financial year end and let’s start sowing the seeds for a sustainable future together.

Annual Report 2022

$1000 – Sponsor a tree planting day

Help cover the costs involved in organising and running a planting day. We aim to plant up to 1000 seedlings (numbers may vary between sites) in Victoria for you or your organisation in a day – make a difference today!



Improve a degraded ecosystem

$500 can assist in improving a degraded ecosystem

Deforestation is a major contributor to the loss of biodiversity. Replanting forests revitalises habitats and increases the health of an ecosystem by creating diverse flora and fauna environments. With your help, we can restore habitats for plants and animals alike.



Plant a living erosion control system

$250 can assist in planting a living erosion control system

Landholders and Landcare groups revegetate to create wind shelters to protect stock, to control erosion along waterways and dams, and for soil stabilisation. You can support these land improvement activities and contribute to the overall health of the environment, while important forming vegetation corridors for wildlife.



Koala in tree

$100 can assist in creating connected homes for threatened species

Land clearing has left isolated pockets of remnant indigenous vegetation dotted across the Victorian landscape. TreeProject fosters the replacement of similar vegetation across public and private land to reconnect these remaining pockets. With your help, we are repairing and restoring some of the state’s damaged ecosystems.




$50 can assist in helping an eroded waterway

The roots of indigenous vegetation stabilise banks and help replenish rivers and creeks by slowing down water runoff. This means slow seepage of water into our catchments rather than raging floods. Your donation helps us plant seedlings to repair our precious waterways and stop our topsoil from washing away.



Assist a wetland

$25 can assist in improving a wetland

Replacing trees in our landscape is crucial to stimulate rain in our drought-ridden countryside. In deforested areas, heat rises off barren land and propels moisture-laden clouds away. Vegetation dampens and cools the earth to pull the moisture back. You can help us make it rain and recharge our wetlands.



Capture carbon through trees

$10 can assist in capturing carbon

Trees are an important tool in our fight against climate change. As they grow, they pull carbon out of the atmosphere and lock it away in a process known as carbon sequestration. With this donation, you can start to mitigate your personal or business carbon footprint; the more seedlings you support, the greater your carbon sequestration.



Donations Support

Even one single seedling back on the land has an impact

The smallest seed can become the tallest tree. Your donation, no matter the size, has the same effect. Even one more tree makes a difference.