Sourcing seed

Landholders have the choice of collecting their own seed, sourcing seed from a seed bank or TreeProject can source your seed at a cost of $70 per 500 seedlings. 


If you would like TreeProject to source and order your seed you can indicate this via our online order form. 

Collecting your own seed: 

Some landholders choose to collect their own seed, which they send to TreeProject for our volunteers to propagate. Most collect it from their property or local remnant vegetation. Depending upon the species you are collecting and whether you are on public or private land you need to be aware that a permit system applies in relation to the collection of seed. 

Permits and Permission 

If it is state forest or public land:  

On private land there is no need for a permit – but please follow the FloraBank Guidelines:  

Sourcing seed from a seed bank

Landholders have the option of sourcing from a regional Seedbank or seed collector. The seed must be indigenous to your local area. Be aware that some species have been imported and cause problems when cross breeding with local species, contaminating the local gene pool. 

Below are the necessary regional contact details to make sourcing your own seed easier. Your local Landcare Group or council will advise you of the appropriate species for your area and the regional seed bank will tell you what seed is available. 

If you provide your own seed please contact us for a postal address. 

Seeding Victoria
has 3 regional seedbanks:

Ballarat Region Seed Bank  

Wimmera Region Seed Bank  

Murray Mallee Seed Bank  

Goulburn Broken Region Seed Bank 

South Gippsland Seed Bank  


Order seedlings in multiples of 500. Each order of 500 is made up of 14 boxes. Each box can only contain one species. 

Every box contains 48 tubes, so each order of 500 may contain up to 672 seedlings. We always grow 30% more than what you require in case some seeds don’t germinate. 

The following table provides advice on the amount of seeds (in grams) you need to provide per box.