New Life…New Trees

New Life New Trees

A shoutout to each and every TreeProject supporter.

We’d love to hear your story too!

Hi, I’m Agus, founder of Faunus’ Dream, a small business that collects babies clothes, washes and reconditions them and then offers them in beautiful, zero-waste pre-packed bundles.

My mission is to give pre-loved babies clothes a second chance, diverting them from landfill and generating a positive carbon, water and waste footprint by extending their lifecycle.

As you can imagine, from its foundation, I wanted this business to be the most sustainable business I could ever dream of.

I thought about it for days and nights (maybe more nights lying awake in bed than days) until I felt ready to start putting it into reality. The first step was to do detailed research and find the best (AKA greenest) providers for me. I wanted to find not just recyclable cardboard boxes, but some that were also made from recycled materials. I wanted to use a stamp for my logos, but one in which ink could be compostable. I wanted to terciarise the delivery, but use a carbon neutral business partner for it… You get the idea.

But there was something missing. Something else I knew I wanted. As well as helping to reduce the tons of baby clothes that end up in landfill each year and inspiring parents to support the textile circular economy by purchasing preloved items, I also knew we can’t have a future without trees in it. So, I decided I wanted to give each family the gift of planting a tree on their baby’s behalf.

So there I was again, reading about all the different organisations that work on reforesting Australia.

I came across so many wonderful organisations that plant trees, all with great values, that support climate change and promote a more sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle.

But there was just one that I felt was absolutely authentic.

I remember reading TreeProject’s website and having that uplifting feeling of knowing that if we have passionate and hardworking people like them working on restoring the Australian native flora and fauna, then we are in good hands.

The commitment that Tree Project reflects is inspirational and I feel genuinely proud of being able to work with this amazing team of hardworking volunteers.

With each conversation I have with the wonderful team at TreeProject I get reassured of their friendliness and commitment to their cause. It is a massive pleasure to work alongside people who are so genuine in their values.

I absolutely adore working together with the friendly volunteers from TreeProject and I am looking forward to an opportunity to be part of a volunteer planting day to meet the rest of the team!”

Agus Gorini

“The smallest seed can become the tallest tree.”