Sourcing seed

You need to provide TreeProject with enough seed for your order. You can collect your own seed locally or order seed from a seedbank.

If you collect your own seeds you must send them to the TreeProject office with the quantity written on the box/container.

You can order seed from:

To save time and cost, ask if they can send directly to the TreeProject office.

Alternatively, TreeProject can order your seed for you, for an administrative cost of $35 (plus seed cost).

Do not order too many different species as some seed banks charge $5 handling fee per species on top of the seed cost.


Order seedlings in multiples of 500. Each order of 500 is made up of 14 boxes. Each box can only contain one species.

Every box contains 48 tubes, so each order of 500 may contain up to 672 seedlings. We always grow 30% more than what you require in case some seeds don’t germinate.

The following table provides advice on the amount of seeds (in grams) you need to provide.

Acacia (small) 3.5 grams
Acacia (large) 4.5 grams
Allocasuarina 1.5 grams
Callistemon 1 gram
Cassinia (March) 2 grams
Dodonaea (March) 2 grams
Eucalyptus 1.5 grams
Euc – Stringy Barks 3 grams
Leptospermum 1 gram
Poa (Tussock grass) 2 grams
Themeda (Kangaroo grass) 3.5 grams
Other small seeds 1 gram
Other medium seeds 2 grams
Other large seeds 3 grams