Sample Seedling Propagation Setups

Grow setups should be raised above the ground to reduce predation on seedlings by caterpillars, slugs and other pests. Adding netting in the early stages can also heep keep bugs and possums away.

Below are some sample grow setups from some of our dedicated growers.

Grower Setup

© Chrisseelee 2022


Grower Setup

© Jill Chancellor 2022


Sample Grower Setup Richard

© Richard 2022


Sample Grower Setup Renee

© Renee 2022


Sample Grower Setup Peter Hooke

© Peter Hooke 2022


Sample Grower Setup Libby Schwarzinger

© Libby Schwarzinger 2022

Advanced Setup Tips

It’s ideal to set up your kit on a mesh surface, planks or wooden slats. It’s important that airflow as well as suitable drainage is available, to avoid having seedlings sit in pooled or stagnant water, throughout the growing season. Also, a mesh base may help to prevent bugs from getting into the boxes.