Victorian Carbon Farming Project (VCFP) Grants

The Victorian Government is providing grants for revegetation as part of the Victorian Carbon Farming Project (VCFP)  pilot program in 2024.

Here is some basic information for VCFP Pilot:

  • To be eligible for the pilot, you must be a land owner in the NCCMA and you can check this using the NCCMA  imap (see
  • The grant for this program is separate to carbon credits. This means you can receive a grant under the VCFP but still sell your carbon credits (or use them to offset your own carbon generation).
  • The grant process involves many steps. TreeProject, in consultation with each participating landholder, will be responsible for:
    • Developing the joint project plan (species, site design, feasibility, management). This will need local expert input from Landcare or similar.
    • Carbon calculations using the FullCAM model which determine the grant amount
    • Legal Agreements with DEECA (Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action)
    • Monitoring and evaluation tasks over the 10 year period (essentially inspections and photos at years 1, 4, 7 and 10)
  • To calculate your likely grant, CSIRO have put together an estimation model.
    • LOOC-C directs users to select an area of land via a map, and then estimates the total carbon abatement potentially achieved under different activities. The tool is consistent with methodologies under the Commonwealth Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) and provides the estimate in Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) which are equal to one tonne of carbon.  See
  • TreeProject grows indigenous species suitable for your planting site.  Ideally we would like plantings of 2,000+ seedlings (approx. 5 ha) due to the administration involved.  That said, we will consider smaller plantings of upwards of 3 ha.
  • Unless you have expertise in revegetation, you would need to contact your local Landcare Group re species selection.
  • You purchase the seedlings from TreeProject.  For the 2025 plantings, orders close on 30/9/24. You can find out more and also place an order at:
  • Landholders often arrange planting  help through their Landcare group, service clubs or sporting clubs.  TreeProject can often assist within 1.5 hours of Melbourne
  • You can find more information about the VCFP here:  Theres is an extensive Q&A section on this site.

Please contact for further infromation.