Order Seedlings – Introduction

Hakea Decurrens Seedlings

Thanks for your interest in ordering indigenous seedlings from TreeProject!

Growing and Planting Seedlings

TreeProject works with volunteers in Melbourne and rural Victoria to grow your order. We train and supervise our growers to germinate and nurture your seedlings, and once these are sufficiently developed and planting conditions are right, you collect and plant them. On request, depending on capacity, we can often organise teams of volunteers to transport seedlings and help plant them on your property.

Ordering and Planting Timeline

Orders are now being taken for the 2022/23 growing season. If you’d like to order for this season, you’ll need to do so before the end of September. Seedlings grown over this period will be cared for by our volunteer growers, to be planted at your property between Autumn and Spring of 2023. Planting dates will vary based on seasonal variation, temperature, rainfall and geography but we expect planting to occur between April and September of 2023.

Species Selection and Seed

We do our best to source seed from recognised and reputable sources around Victoria, and to plant native trees and establish habitat that’s best suited to your local area. Having said this, TreeProject has limited time, energy and resources, so in choosing what species to plant, we advise you to contact local experts who are more familiar with your area. Landcare groups are a great source of info and can help you make the best choice for your local microclimate and conditions. You can find a local landcare group here (search the map for best results).

TreeProject Resources

TreeProject has extensive resources on our website so please read up on the following topics before placing your order (links open in new tab):

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Got Questions?

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