National Tree Day

National Tree Day

We Australians love our iconic forests and trees. Last year’s ABC program, “Australia’s favourite tree”, highlighted the stories of just some of the magnificent array of trees that call Australia home. Unfortunately, however, our environment and trees are in decline.

In fact, Australia’s environment was reported in the State of the Environment Report last year as “poor and deteriorating”. Since colonisation, in just 235 years, nearly 40 per cent of Australia’s forests have been destroyed. These are regrettable statistics that should spur us to participate in actions like National Tree Day on 30th July.

National Tree Day is an annual Australian event that encourages individuals, families, schools, community groups, and businesses to come together and get their hands dirty for a good cause. Founded in 1996, this initiative aims to promote the importance of tree planting and environmental conservation. With each passing year, National Tree Day has gained more momentum, inspiring thousands of Australians to participate and make a positive impact on their local communities. Impressively, since 1996, 26 million trees have been planted by 5 million volunteers.

There are numerous reasons why everyone should join in on National Tree Day, from tackling climate change to restoring ecosystems. As natural carbon absorbers, trees are one of our best defences against climate change. Trees help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Participating in tree planting activities is a simple way for individuals to actively contribute to the fight against climate change.

Trees also provide habitat and food sources for a wide variety of wildlife. For example, by planting the right species of eucalypt, we can create new areas of suitable koala habitat. These new trees will not only provide food for koalas but also offer shelter and a safe environment for them to live and breed. An increased availability of trees can also help connect fragmented areas of habitat, enabling koalas to move between areas and maintain genetic diversity within their populations.

National Tree Day provides an opportunity for individuals of all ages to connect with nature and learn about the importance of environmental stewardship. It fosters a sense of community, as people come together to work towards a shared goal. Participating in tree planting activities can be a fun and educational experience, particularly for children who may not have had many opportunities to engage with nature. It allows them to witness the positive impact they can have on the environment and instils a sense of responsibility towards preserving it for future generations.

Get Involved

Getting involved in National Tree Day is easy. You can visit the Planet Ark’s website to learn more about National Tree Day, search your local area,  sign up to attend an event.

Alternatively, become a volunteer grower with TreeProject!

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