Supporting Earth Day | Melbourne

Treeproject Tree Planting Day

Earth Day is considered the birthday of the modern environmental movement. It is a day devoted to our beautiful, unique life-sustaining planet. Held every year on the 22nd April since 1970, Earth Day is when people of the world come together to celebrate our earth, draw attention to environmental decline, and promote conservation and sustainability.

And it is huge! 1 billion people from over 190 countries take actions like picking up rubbish, attending climate change rallies and planting trees. It is exciting to see many people around the globe joining together to demonstrate just how much we humans love and need a healthy thriving natural environment.

The Earth Day group invites everybody to “join the movement to change the world”.

In 2023 the six key focuses of Earth Day are:

  • promoting climate literacy
  • breaking free from single-use plastics
  • voting to protect our environment
  • global clean-up
  • fighting against fast fashion
  • planting trees (that’s where TreeProject comes in!)

Since 1989, we’ve been revegetating Victoria, ensuring that the right tree is planted in the right place at the right time.

You or your organisation can join the world’s largest environmental movement and help us invest in our planet.

Ways you can get involved this Earth Day:

Sowing the seeds of sustainability together.